you want to become My slave, you want to feel the deep connection and be entrapped and entranced by your Goddess. Follow Me on the journey to discovering your purpose and becoming My mindless, obedient pet. As I take you right from the bottom, beneath My red sole, you just focus on My words and fall deeper and lower. As you let go you find yourself staring in wonder at the sole of My pantyhose foot, the foot of the Goddess you give your life to. As you drop deeper and deeper under My control, you follow the soft mesmerizing movements of My leather ass and become lost in it, My words overtake you mind, all you see are My lips as you become even more entranced. My words become your thoughts. Finally you find what you seek. your home, in My eyes. My gaze entraps you. you are triggered. you feel your cock pulsate to the sound of My voice. your mind, body and soul will always belong to Me, you will be Mine. My addicted slave.

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