A hot custom I did! "You would play a femme fatale who is paid to k!ll men. The men pay to meet their end by your hand. I am one such customer. Your preferred method of execution is a breast sm0ther. I approach you and request to meet my de.ath by your breasts, but you will allow me a final orgasm. You slowly strip out of the catsuit while giving me JOI. Once you are out of the catsuit, you oil up your body and give me a countdown. When I cum, you tease me about the coming execution, and the screen fades to black. You tell me to wake up, and the first thing I see are your naked breasts right in my face, oiled up and ready to sm0ther me. You ask me one final time if this is what I really want. I get erect again, to your delight, and you push your breasts into my face, sm0thering me. During the act, I cum again, and you tease me about it."

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