Hmm, what a wonderful, warm, sweaty feeling when my soft, big feet standing on your face, while a latex mask lets you forget the world around it. Only my feet, my smell and my sweat are now important. It’s getting warmer and warmer! The air will be scarce and humid and you will hear me laughing down to you. I laugh, because I love to squeeze my beautiful feet on your face. From the top, I see my red nails flashing through the milky latex. I wiggle cheerfully with my toes and press them closer to your chin. My feet and ankles are becoming moister.

Now and then, I let some air flow into the mask but only because I want to see briefly how your face is completely drenched by my sweaty feet. I giggle with joy and pleasure. I will give you some more air again, as the latex mask now presses with every breaths of yours tightly to my feet and your face. Your upper body rises and falls faster and faster and I notice how breathing getting harder and harder. However, you do not give a sign that you want to escape.

You know that you are in heaven and nothing, not even the air to breathe, is more valuable than this moment.

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