Welcome to CBT Clinic of the Diabolical Dr Boss and visiting Clinician Ms Servalan! A patient is on the gurney at the Compound South. The electrical examination includes the following treats: Bipolar electric nipple play, a sado massage with electro therapy gloves, C&B with an electric butterfly board, a microphone hook up for voice activated shock, an electro ball vice and crusher, an electric humbler, bi polar electric nipple vices, many shock boxes and their long lovely nails constantly touch and tease. The Ladies wear luscious rubber and leather ensembles with sexy shiny pantyhose and stiletto heels. Enjoy the long lingering glances up and down their legs. Ms Servalan sensuously spits into the slave rubber hood while he is shackled in heavy steel restraints on the motorized hospital bed. It’s time for your checkup!

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